BenchMark KB
Patented HIM Knowledge Base

Knowledge Changes Everything.

InterFix has created the first application that sets universal health data quality standards and deploys them to the workstation level, integrating them into the document creation process. That means improved health data quality and improved patient care. BenchMark KB is a patented HIM knowledge base--a comprehensive information portal that brings new data standards to the medical documentation process and incorporates real-time access to best-of-breed tools and databases.

Benchmark KB delivers a universal quality standard for health information in a single, trusted source and includes:
  • Access to the complete medical reference library from Stedman’s in a single user interface
  • A continuously updated national physician database (1,100,000+)
  • Quality alerts library highlights common transcription style errors, including Joint Commission dangerous abbreviations
  • Integration with all popular transcription and EHR platforms

Putting quality standards into the process

Faced with the challenges of widely varying MT skill levels, non-standard tool sets, disparate systems and desktop environments, non-standard quality measurements, and a lack of data standards, many of our customers struggled to produce consistent, high-quality patient records across the board. We realized we could better use technology to not only develop quality standards, but to more easily put these efficiency-driven, real-time resources at the fingertips of the MT user. And whether you are an educator, a business owner, or an independent contractor, you know a comprehensive, web-based portal that empowers MTs to be accurate, fast, and compliant is the answer to creating better quality health documentation. That’s why we developed BenchMark KB -- because better quality information leads to better quality of care and to increased patient safety.

How to buy BenchMark KB

BenchMark KB is available as a stand-alone web service that can be used along side any medical transcription or coding application, or it can be integrated into any transcription or EHR platform for even greater functionality.

Purchase BenchMark KB online today or contact our sales team for more information on multiple user licenses or integrating Benchmark KB into your transcription application.